Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -C.Jung

Enlightenment Circle Bi-Weekly Sundays


Lets ascend together! Connect to the Divine in you and awaken to your true self. Share & explore this Journey to Enlightenment utilizing different modalities to connect to the Divine In you. Awaken your truest most authentic self & you will find your personal path & route to happiness. Open your heart ❤️ & mind, & begin to expand your consciousness with a group of like minded individuals in a space bathed in white light & filled with spiritual energies. Sunday Nights at 7pm. Exchange $20

Community Meditation Mondays 9 am


 Join us for Monday Morning Community Meditation, this powerful life skill is practiced among like minded individuals in a safe, serene, spiritual setting. Annie will take you on an introspective journey where vivid imagery leads you to the clues to unlock personal path and purpose. Whether you’re setting life goals, manifesting your highest vision, or seeking your most authentic self, this meditative journey will help you connect to your deepest desires and highest truth.  Exchange $10, $5 for monthly autopay members

Reiki Share Bi-Weekly Tuesdays


Our Reiki Share Circle is open to certified practitioners and all who are seeking energy healing. Relax, unwind and enjoy a peaceful guided meditation while each participant receives individual energy healing followed by a brief knowledge share with like minded individuals. This will be a beautiful opportunity for us to grow and begin to heal as a community! Tuesday Nights at 8pm. Exchange $10