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Super Blood Wolf Moon Community Meditation & Healing Monday, January 21st 8pm



Join Annie as we begin the healing within, making peace with our grief by releasing it in an uninhibited meditative sway. It isn't therapy, but it is therapeutic, it is cathartic. Offering our bodily grief in wild

expression, in places that are made sacred by our ritual, we acknowledge the cycles of birth and death within and around us, in our tissues, blood and bones, in our memories

and relationships. We begin to sway at the grief at the disconnection, alienation and wounding of the world we live in. We pour out the desolation of love lost, of children lost, of parents lost, , keening for the anguish and loss felt by our grandmothers, generation after generation. We release our own personal grief too, for the two are interconnected, our personal losses and tragedies laying down a pathway that shows us how to release our grief for the wider world. That uninhibited expression of despair, dancing, shaking and swaying, is an ancient part of our heritage, for the process invokes not only the presence of our grandmothers, but the gods of nature and of our tribe. We will then slow it down, come down to stillness for and extended svasana while marinating in this peaceful space. Annie will call upon the  ArchAngels and Ascended Masters to bring light and peace to all guide her in hands on energy healing.

Exchange $10 

Paint-A-Yoga-Mat Friday, Feburary 8th 6pm


Spend Friday night with us! This meditative paint experience is hosted by artist Lauryn Vacey of Eka YogiLife.

As an artist and designer, it’s hard not to recognize how my atmosphere, mood and state of mind all influence the art that I am creating.

When I create, I must first “get-in-the-mood” I do this by either practicing yoga, meditation, music, essential oils, or by combining all of the above.

When I started Eka YogiLife, I was motivated by my love of the creative process and my favorite meditation practice - yoga.  Combining these 2 loves has been my passion for almost a decade.

Now, I bring this experience to you.  

In this class we will “get-in-the-mood” to create our very own hand painted yoga mat.  We will start with essential oils, deep breathing and music.  I specifically choose the music and essential oils to coordinate with the design we will be creating.  I feel it helps to connect with the elements of our design - to “become one with them” so to speak - so that we may represent them on a 2 dimensional surface.

Don't want to paint on a yoga mat?  That's ok, we now offer canvas as an option.  Paint one for yourself, or as a gift!


Class length is 2.5-3 hours.

We will meditate for about 10-15 minutes.

Paint for the next 1.5 hours, and let our mats dry, and top coat them for added grip and protection.

We allow an additional 1/2 hour as needed for drying time.

Exchange $75

Pre-Registration is required.

 BYOB or Wine

Space is limited.

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Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

March 8-10, 2019 @ Ohm on the Water, Patchogue

Fall in love with teaching yoga and mindfulness to children and have the most fun that you can have learning yoga, guaranteed!

Bari Koral is a popular child/family recording artist and a globally recognized kids' yoga educator. Her songs and activities for kids' yoga are used by thousands of children and teachers every day.  

In the Yogapalooza Kids yoga and Midnfulness Teacher Training, you will work directly with Bari and learn to teach a safe, fun and inspiring kids yoga class. At the end of the training, you will receive a completion certification for the 30 hour Yogapalooza Kids Yoga Training. 

Get the tools you need to create smart, engaging, and inspirational classes or kids yoga content that your students will lvoe.  Bari will show you how to teach yoga and mindfulness to children who will look forward to it, practice it regularly, master it and request activity after activity.  You'll love this training - and so will your students!

Your Training Includes:

  • Full color kids' yoga poster showing poses A-Z
  • Full color music and movement activity books
  • All songs from the training plus over 40 more songs for kids yoga, music and movement
  • Mindfulness Manual

All three modules are available to earn a full 95 hour Yoga Alliance approved Kids Yoga Certification!

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Reiki 1 Training & Certification

Reiki 1 Training & Certification

Have you wanted to learn about or practice energy healing and balancing? Ohm on the Water welcomes Lauren Matovic who will teach and certify students in level one. In this informative training students will learn a basic understanding of Reiki, its history and principles, the chakras, koshas and auras, hand placement, how to perform on self and others, receive your first attunement,and hands on practice and discussion. 

Special Ohm on the Water price of $125, and includes manual (regularly $150).   This class is limited to 10 participants for a more intimate, hands on experience.  

$50 Deposit due at time of registration.