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About us...

Ohm on the Water proudly offers a variety of vinyasa flow classes with designated skill levels, SUP Yoga, group guided meditation sessions, combination classes  and workshops to support you in your progress. We also offer Massage, Tai Massage, Reiki,  Angel Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing and Angel Card Readings in a serene waterfront setting.  Our staff’s unique qualities and backgrounds have set the stage for a beautiful melting pot of style, universal spirituality, and creativity in each class. We, as a community of yogis, are committed to supporting you on your journey to your most authentic self throughout the evolution of your practice. 

Ohm on the Waterfront’s mission is to bring the traditional practice of yoga and meditation to those in need of self care. Whether it be an inner battle, struggle with addiction, recovery from a physical injury, PTSD, chronic illness or just the everyday flurry of life, we will provide the student with the tools to find inner peace among the chaos and seek answers in a quiet mind. As instructors, we strive to present our students with an authentic, sincere, intelligently sequenced, and appropriately classified level yoga class. 

What makes us different? Our goal is to teach our students to free and empower themselves. We are facilitators, here to support them as they begin to open their mind, heart and soul. We are here to pamper, love, support, and encourage our students as we mindfully guide them in their practice. We will make them feel a part of something bigger, a part of our community. 

Ohm on the Water is a full service self care center boasting a beautiful waterside yoga studio and a separate healing room for Tai Massage, Reiki, traditional massage, & Angelic Healing as well as private instruction in yoga and meditation.

New students should take advantage of Summer pricing &promotions! 

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