Intro Offers: 30 Days Riverfront Yoga $30! Swedish Massage $85


About us...

Ohm on the Water is a beautiful riverfront self care & yoga studio tucked inside Thrasher Marine in Patchogue, New York. Yoga classes at Ohm on the Water are steeped in the tradition and philosophy of the ancient sages. Classes are sequenced as a moving meditation with the goal of unifying body and mind. We actively look inward to see the Divine within ourselves and others. Our staff’s unique qualities and backgrounds set the stage for a beautiful melting pot of style, universal spirituality, and creativity in each class. We, as a community of yogis, are committed to supporting you on your journey to your most authentic self throughout the evolution of your practice. 

Ohm on the Waterfront’s mission is to bring the traditional practice of yoga and meditation to those in need of self care. Whether it be an inner battle, struggle with addiction, recovery from a physical injury, PTSD, chronic illness or just the everyday flurry of life, we will provide the student with the tools to find inner peace among the chaos and seek answers in a quiet mind. As instructors, we strive to present our students with an authentic, sincere, intelligently sequenced, and appropriately classified level yoga class.

More than Just yoga...

Ohm on the Water's proudly offers the following Self Care Services by appointment:

Massage: Thai, Swedish, Sports & Deep Tissue 


Angel Healing

lntuitive Energy Healing

Angel Card Readings

We encourage you to take part in one of our circles listed below and raise your vibration as we elevate ours as a community. All are welcome.

Divine Healing Circle (Monthly)

Enlightenment Circle (Sundays-Bi-Weekly)

Reiki Share Circle (Tuesdays Bi-Weekly)


What makes Ohm on the Water different? Our goal is to help our clients to free and empower themselves. We are facilitators, here to support them as they begin to open their mind, heart and soul. We are here to pamper, love, support, and encourage our students as we mindfully guide them in their practice. We will make them feel a part of something bigger, a part of our community. 

We strive to keep our services accessible to all.  We offer 30 Days of Yoga for $30 to new students, come check us out. Make us your OHM ON THE WATER!

The Ohm Team

Annie Gallagher

Owner, 200RYT, Angel Card Reader, Intuitive Energy Healer

Lisa Lobosco

Oracle Lisa is a full body trance channel and healer for Divine Energies ( Arch Angels, Ascended Masers & Light Beinigs). Certified as an Usui, Karuna & Seichim Reiki Master, IET Master, Oneness Blessing Giver, Sound Healer & Tuning Fork Practioner/Teacher, Law of Attraction Practioner/Teacher, Virtue Certified Angelic Life Coach & Medium.

Certified Yoga Teachers

Erik Rydout

Erik is 220RYT certified through Yoga Alliance to teach Vinyasa yoga, Hot 26 yoga, and Paddle Board Yoga. Erik is currently working towards his RYT-300 hour certificate. Erik is a lifelong student and athlete, his training runs the gamut of physical and mental growth. Erik has backgrounds in Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Acro Yoga, Pranayama Breathwork, meditation, Reiki training levels 1 & 2, Martial Arts (Jiu Jitsu), Gymnastics, Slacklining,Surfing and Rock Climbing. When he's not practicing physically, his mental mind is performing just as well in the sciences of Electrical Engineering and physics. Despite the vast number of disciplines, Erik utilizes the Yogic philosophy of union. Putting everything he is, into everything he does. His passion for the seen and unseen, the explainable and the unbelievable continue to fuel his life with energy and balance.

Danielle DeMaio

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Deirdre McCormick

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Dee (Danielle) Schwenker

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Jacqueline Lee

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Dominique Popescu

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Massage Professionals

Alexandria Valentino

Licensed Massage Therapist, Level II Reiki Practitioner 

Kateryna Russo

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